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Linear - Amplifiers - Video Amps and Modules

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ZXFV201N14TA Image ZXFV201N14TA Diodes Incorporated IC AMPLIFIER VIDEO QUAD 14-SOIC Download View   Inquiry
LT1251CN#PBF Image LT1251CN#PBF Linear Technology IC AMP VIDEO FADE CONTRLD 14-DIP Download View US$ 7.33 Inquiry
MAX4312EEE+ Image MAX4312EEE+ Maxim Integrated IC AMP VIDEO MUX 16-QSOP Download View US$ 8.02 Inquiry
AD8141ACPZ-RL Image AD8141ACPZ-RL Analog Devices Inc. IC VIDEO AMP TRPL DIFF 24LFCSP Download View US$ 2.112 Inquiry
MAX4029EWP+ Image MAX4029EWP+ Maxim Integrated IC AMP VIDEO MUX 2:1 20-SOIC Download View   Inquiry
MAX4023EEE+T Image MAX4023EEE+T Maxim Integrated IC AMP VIDEO MUX 2:1 16-QSOP Download View   Inquiry
TL026CPG4 Image TL026CPG4 Texas Instruments IC DIFF AMP W/AGC HI-FREQ 8-DIP View US$ 1.43 Inquiry
ISL59440IAZ-T7 Image ISL59440IAZ-T7 Intersil IC AMP 400MHZ MULTIPLEX 16-QSOP Download View   Inquiry
SN10501DGK Image SN10501DGK Texas Instruments IC VIDEO AMP R-R SNGL HS 8VSSOP View US$ 1.109 Inquiry
ISL59482IRZ-T13 Image ISL59482IRZ-T13 Intersil IC MUX AMP DUAL 500MHZ 48-QFN Download View US$ 9.088 Inquiry
AD8023ARZ Image AD8023ARZ Analog Devices Inc. IC AMP VIDEO TRIPLE HC 14-SOIC Download View US$ 7.25 Inquiry
BH76106HFV-TR Image BH76106HFV-TR Rohm Semiconductor IC DRIVER VIDEO LPF HVSOF6 Download View US$ 0.613 Inquiry
AD8147ACPZ-R7 Image AD8147ACPZ-R7 Analog Devices Inc. IC DRIVER TRIPLE DIFF 24-LFCSP Download View US$ 4.091 Inquiry
BUF07703PWP Image BUF07703PWP Texas Instruments IC 6CH GAMMA CRRCT BUFF 20HTSSOP View   Inquiry
MAX4389EXT/V+T Image MAX4389EXT/V+T Maxim Integrated IC OPAMP GP RRO 85MHZ SC70-6 Download View   Inquiry
MAX4392EUA+T Image MAX4392EUA+T Maxim Integrated IC OP AMP 85MHZ R-R 8-UMAX Download View US$ 1.09 Inquiry
AD8074ARUZ Image AD8074ARUZ Analog Devices Inc. IC BUFFER TRPL VIDEO HS 16-TSSOP Download View US$ 3.164 Inquiry
D10040240GT RFMD IC AMP MODULE 1GHZ SOT115J Download View US$ 38.864 Inquiry
NJM2580D# NJR Corporation/NJRC IC VIDEO AMP SNGL 3CH WB 14-DIP Download View US$ 1.211 Inquiry
BD7628FVM-TR Image BD7628FVM-TR Rohm Semiconductor IC VIDEO AMP DUAL 8-MSOP Download View US$ 0.714 Inquiry
EL4093CS Image EL4093CS Intersil IC VIDEO AMP 300MHZ 16-SOIC Download View   Inquiry
NCS2563DR2G Image NCS2563DR2G ON Semiconductor IC VIDEO AMP 3CH HD FILTER 8SOIC Download View US$ 0.429 Inquiry
LMH6714MA/NOPB Image LMH6714MA/NOPB Texas Instruments IC OPAMP SINGLE 400MHZ 8SOIC View US$ 1.143 Inquiry
ISL59421IUZ Image ISL59421IUZ Intersil IC AMP MULTIPLEX 865MHZ 10-MSOP Download View   Inquiry
HFA1105IBZ96 Image HFA1105IBZ96 Intersil IC OPAMP CFA 330MHZ LP 8-SOIC Download View US$ 3.653 Inquiry
EL8108ILZ-T13 Image EL8108ILZ-T13 Intersil IC AMP VIDEO DISTRIBUTION 16QFN Download View   Inquiry
LT6205IS5#TRPBF Image LT6205IS5#TRPBF Linear Technology IC OPAMP VID SGL 100MHZ TSOT23-5 Download View US$ 1.27 Inquiry
MAX4259EEE+T Image MAX4259EEE+T Maxim Integrated IC AMP VIDEO MUX 2CH 16QSOP Download View   Inquiry
EL8108IS-T7 Image EL8108IS-T7 Intersil IC AMP VIDEO DISTRIBUTION 8-SOIC Download View   Inquiry
CGY887A,112 Image CGY887A,112 NXP USA Inc. IC PUSH-PULL AMP 860MHZ SOT115J Download View   Inquiry
MHW7182CN Image MHW7182CN NXP USA Inc. IC CATV AMP MOD 750MHZ 7-CATV Download View   Inquiry
MHW1254LAN Image MHW1254LAN NXP USA Inc. IC CATV AMP MOD 200MHZ 7-CATV Download View   Inquiry
MAX9503GETE+T Image MAX9503GETE+T Maxim Integrated IC VIDEO AMP W/FILTER 16-TQFN Download View   Inquiry
MAX9650ATA+T Image MAX9650ATA+T Maxim Integrated IC OPAMP VCOM DRIVE 8-TDFN Download View US$ 0.955 Inquiry
AD818ARZ-REEL Image AD818ARZ-REEL Analog Devices Inc. IC VIDEO OPAMP LP 8-SOIC Download View US$ 2.673 Inquiry
MAX4024EUD+T Image MAX4024EUD+T Maxim Integrated IC AMP VIDEO MUX 2:1 14-TSSOP Download View   Inquiry
ISL59445IRZ Image ISL59445IRZ Intersil IC AMP TRIPLE MUX 1GHZ 32-QFN Download View US$ 7.956 Inquiry
ISL24003IRZ Image ISL24003IRZ Intersil IC BUFFER 18CH VCOM DRVR 44-QFN Download View   Inquiry
MAX4448ESE+T Image MAX4448ESE+T Maxim Integrated IC LDRVR SGL-DIFF 330MHZ 16-SOIC Download View US$ 3.084 Inquiry
LMH6720MF Image LMH6720MF Texas Instruments IC OPAMP VIDEO SNGL W/SD SOT23-6 View   Inquiry
MAX9507ATE+ Image MAX9507ATE+ Maxim Integrated IC DIRECTDRIVE FILTER AMP 16TQFN Download View   Inquiry
EL9200ILZ-T13 Image EL9200ILZ-T13 Intersil IC AMP VCOM PROGRAMMABLE 12-DFN Download View   Inquiry
THS7353PWG4 Image THS7353PWG4 Texas Instruments IC 3CH INTEG VIDEO BUFF 20-TSSOP View US$ 3.128 Inquiry
LT1253CS8#PBF Image LT1253CS8#PBF Linear Technology IC AMP VIDEO DUAL 270MHZ 8SOIC Download View US$ 2.6 Inquiry
TSH341IDT Image TSH341IDT STMicroelectronics IC BUFFER VIDEO 300MHZ 8SOIC Download View   Inquiry
UA733CNSR Image UA733CNSR Texas Instruments IC AMP VIDEO DIFF 14SO View US$ 0.408 Inquiry
BUF08832AIPWPR Image BUF08832AIPWPR Texas Instruments IC GAMMA-V GEN 8CH 20HTSSOP View US$ 2.138 Inquiry
LMH6738MQ/NOPB Image LMH6738MQ/NOPB Texas Instruments IC OP AMP TRIPLE VIDEO 16SSOP View US$ 4.228 Inquiry
TSH340ILT Image TSH340ILT STMicroelectronics IC BUFFER VID SGL 320MHZ SOT23-5 Download View US$ 1.104 Inquiry
MAX452CPA Image MAX452CPA Maxim Integrated IC AMP CMOS VIDEO 50MHZ 8-DIP Download View   Inquiry