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Logic - Signal Switches, Multiplexers, Decoders

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MC74AC253DR2G Image MC74AC253DR2G ON Semiconductor IC MUX DUAL 4INP 3STATE 16-SOIC Download View US$ 0.232 Inquiry
SN74F258NSRE4 Image SN74F258NSRE4 Texas Instruments IC SELECTOR MUX QUAD 2-1 16SO View   Inquiry
SY10E164JZ Image SY10E164JZ Microchip Technology IC MULTIPLEXER 16:1 28-PLCC Download View   Inquiry
74LVC1G19GM,115 Image 74LVC1G19GM,115 Nexperia USA Inc. IC 1OF2 DECODER/DEMUX 6XSON Download View US$ 0.078 Inquiry
SN74CB3Q16245DGGR Image SN74CB3Q16245DGGR Texas Instruments IC SWITCH BUS 16BIT FET 48-TSSOP View US$ 1.235 Inquiry
74HCT138BQ,115 Image 74HCT138BQ,115 Nexperia USA Inc. IC DECOD/DEMUX 3-8 LINE 16DHVQFN Download View US$ 0.153 Inquiry
CBTV4011EE,557 NXP USA Inc. IC 11BIT 1OF4 MUX/DEMUX 64TFBGA View   Inquiry
MC10H158FN Image MC10H158FN ON Semiconductor IC MUX QUAD 2INP NONINV 20-PLCC Download View   Inquiry
IDT72V90823JG IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc IC DGTL SW 2048X2048 84-PLCC Download View   Inquiry
CBTV4012EE,551 NXP USA Inc. IC MUX/BUS SW 10BIT 64-TFBGA View   Inquiry
CD74HCT238M96 Image CD74HCT238M96 Texas Instruments IC 3-8 DECODER/DEMUX HS 16-SOIC View US$ 0.195 Inquiry
74F251ASJX Image 74F251ASJX Fairchild/ON Semiconductor MULTIPLEXER DGTL 8IN HS 16SOP Download View   Inquiry
SN74CBT3306DE4 Image SN74CBT3306DE4 Texas Instruments IC SWITCH BUS FET DUAL 8-SOIC View US$ 0.269 Inquiry
DS25CP104ATSQX/NOPB Image DS25CP104ATSQX/NOPB Texas Instruments IC CROSSPOINT SWITCH 4X4 40WQFN View US$ 9.866 Inquiry
74FST3253DTR2 Image 74FST3253DTR2 ON Semiconductor IC MUX/DEMUX DUAL 4:1 16TSSOP Download View   Inquiry
SN74HC139NSR Image SN74HC139NSR Texas Instruments IC DECODER/DEMUX DL 2-4L 16SO View US$ 0.122 Inquiry
CD74HCT138MT Image CD74HCT138MT Texas Instruments IC 3-8 LINE DECODER/DEMUX 16SOIC View   Inquiry
MC74HC238ADR2G Image MC74HC238ADR2G ON Semiconductor IC DECODER/DEMUX HS 1-8 16SOIC Download View US$ 0.078 Inquiry
CY74FCT399ATQCTE4 Image CY74FCT399ATQCTE4 Texas Instruments IC QUAD 2IN MUX W/STOR 16SSOP View   Inquiry
SN65LVCP22PWG4 Image SN65LVCP22PWG4 Texas Instruments IC LVDS CROSS PT SWITCH 16-TSSOP View US$ 4.633 Inquiry
QS3244PAG Image QS3244PAG IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc IC BUS QUICKSWITCH 8BIT 20-TSSOP Download View US$ 0.466 Inquiry
74FST3400DWR2 Image 74FST3400DWR2 ON Semiconductor IC BUS EXCH SWITCH 4BIT 24-SOIC Download View   Inquiry
TC7WB66CFK,LF Image TC7WB66CFK,LF Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage IC DUAL BUS SWITCH US8 Download View US$ 0.155 Inquiry
SN74CBTLV16212DL Image SN74CBTLV16212DL Texas Instruments IC SWITCH BUS FET 24BIT 56-SSOP View US$ 2.243 Inquiry
TC7USB3212WBG(ELAH Image TC7USB3212WBG(ELAH Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage QUAD SPDT USB SWITCH, V: 1.95V, Download View US$ 0.743 Inquiry
72V8980PVG8 Image 72V8980PVG8 IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc IC DGTL SW 256X256 48-SSOP Download View   Inquiry
MC10E155FNR2 Image MC10E155FNR2 ON Semiconductor IC MUX LATCH 6BIT 2:1 ECL 28PLCC Download View   Inquiry
74HCT257DB,112 Image 74HCT257DB,112 Nexperia USA Inc. IC QUAD 2-IN MUX 3ST INV 16-SSOP Download View US$ 0.368 Inquiry
CBT3245ABQ,115 Image CBT3245ABQ,115 Nexperia USA Inc. IC BUS SWITCH OCTAL 20-DHVQFN Download View US$ 0.141 Inquiry
MC100E158FNG Image MC100E158FNG ON Semiconductor IC MUX 5BIT 2:1 5V ECL 28-PLCC Download View   Inquiry
SN74CB3T3257PWG4 Image SN74CB3T3257PWG4 Texas Instruments IC FET MUX/DEMUX SGL 16TSSOP View US$ 1.4 Inquiry
SY10E256JC Image SY10E256JC Microchip Technology IC MUX/LATCH 3-BIT 4:1 28-PLCC Download View   Inquiry
SN74HC139QDRG4Q1 Image SN74HC139QDRG4Q1 Texas Instruments IC DECODER/DEMUX DUAL 16SOIC View US$ 0.22 Inquiry
SN74LV138ATPWT Image SN74LV138ATPWT Texas Instruments IC DECODE/DEMUX 3-8LINE 16TSSOP View US$ 0.573 Inquiry
SN74LS298DRG4 Image SN74LS298DRG4 Texas Instruments IC MULTIPLEXER SINGLE 16SOIC View   Inquiry
MC74LCX258DTG Image MC74LCX258DTG ON Semiconductor IC MUX QUAD 2INPUT LV 16TSSOP Download View US$ 0.12 Inquiry
MC10E163FNR2G Image MC10E163FNR2G ON Semiconductor IC MUX 2BIT 8:1 5V ECL 28-PLCC Download View   Inquiry
SY10EP58VKG TR Image SY10EP58VKG TR Microchip Technology IC MUX DIFF 2:1 3.3/5V 8-MSOP Download View   Inquiry
SN74CBTLV3257DE4 Image SN74CBTLV3257DE4 Texas Instruments IC MUX/DEMUX FET 4B 1OF2 16-SOIC View US$ 0.547 Inquiry
PI3VT3245QE Image PI3VT3245QE Diodes Incorporated IC 8BIT BUS SWITCH 2PORT 20-QSOP Download View   Inquiry
MC100E164FNR2G Image MC100E164FNR2G ON Semiconductor IC MUX 16:1 5V ECL 28-PLCC Download View   Inquiry
74CB3T16211DLRG4 Image 74CB3T16211DLRG4 Texas Instruments IC 24BIT FET BUS SWITCH 56-SSOP View US$ 1.47 Inquiry
SN74CBT3253PWR Image SN74CBT3253PWR Texas Instruments IC MUX/DEMUX DUAL 4:1 16TSSOP View US$ 0.26 Inquiry
SN74S257N Image SN74S257N Texas Instruments IC DATASELECT/MUX 2-1 QUAD 16DIP View US$ 3.432 Inquiry
CCBTLV3861IPWRG4Q1 Image CCBTLV3861IPWRG4Q1 Texas Instruments IC 10BIT FET BUS SWITCH 24-TSSOP View US$ 0.525 Inquiry
74HC139PW,118 Image 74HC139PW,118 Nexperia USA Inc. IC DUAL 2:4 DECODR/DEMUX 16TSSOP Download View US$ 0.097 Inquiry
MC100LVEL59DWR2 Image MC100LVEL59DWR2 ON Semiconductor IC MUX TRIPLE 2:1 ECL 20-SOIC Download View   Inquiry
SN74HC251DBR Image SN74HC251DBR Texas Instruments IC DATA SELECT/MUX TRI-ST 16SSOP View US$ 0.178 Inquiry
SN74CB3T3125PWG4 Image SN74CB3T3125PWG4 Texas Instruments IC SWITCH BUS FET QUAD 14-TSSOP View US$ 1.4 Inquiry
NLV14515BDWR2G Image NLV14515BDWR2G ON Semiconductor IC LATCH 4BIT 24SOIC Download View US$ 1.037 Inquiry