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Interface - Specialized

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MC33689DPEW Image MC33689DPEW NXP USA Inc. IC SYSTEM BASIS W/LIN 32SOIC Download View US$ 2.475 Inquiry
MAX24288ETK+ Microsemi Corporation IC CLK SYNTHESIZER DUAL 68QFN Download View US$ 15.787 Inquiry
MC33993DWBR2 Image MC33993DWBR2 NXP USA Inc. IC SWITCH I/O INTERFACE 32-SOIC Download View   Inquiry
89HT0808PZAAB Image 89HT0808PZAAB IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc IC PCIE RETIMER 8CH 100CABGA Download View US$ 15.428 Inquiry
LMH0070SQX/NOPB Image LMH0070SQX/NOPB Texas Instruments IC SERIALIZER/CABLE DVR 48WQFN View   Inquiry
TDA19978AHV/15/C18 Image TDA19978AHV/15/C18 NXP USA Inc. IC HDMI INTERFACE 144HLQFP Download View   Inquiry
Z84C2006AEG Image Z84C2006AEG Zilog IC Z80 PIO CMOS 6MHZ 44LQFP Download View US$ 3.54 Inquiry
89HPES4T4ZBBCGI8 Image 89HPES4T4ZBBCGI8 IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc IC PCIE SW 4LANE 4PORT 144FCBGA Download View US$ 15.717 Inquiry
PI7C9X2G304SLAFDEX Image PI7C9X2G304SLAFDEX Diodes Incorporated IC PCIE PACKET SWITCH LQFP Download View US$ 6.413 Inquiry
CS82C37AZ Image CS82C37AZ Intersil IC CMOS DMA CONTROLLER 44PLCC Download View   Inquiry
MAX7347AEE+T Image MAX7347AEE+T Maxim Integrated IC CNTRL SW SOUND 16-QSOP Download View US$ 1.73 Inquiry
PI7C8150BNDE Image PI7C8150BNDE Diodes Incorporated IC PCI-PCI BRIDGE ASYNC 256BGA Download View US$ 12.876 Inquiry
SN65DSI86IPAPQ1 Texas Instruments IC BRIDGE DSI-FLAT LINK 64HTQFP View US$ 14.01 Inquiry
MC10EP445FA Image MC10EP445FA ON Semiconductor IC CONV 8BIT SER/PAR ECL 32LQFP Download View   Inquiry
89H16NT16G2ZAHLGI8 Image 89H16NT16G2ZAHLGI8 IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc IC PCI SW 16LANE 16PORT 324BGA Download View   Inquiry
PTN3356BS/F1Z NXP USA Inc. IC DISPLAYPORT TO VGA 32HVQFN Download View US$ 1.16 Inquiry
89HPES24T6G2ZCALGI Image 89HPES24T6G2ZCALGI IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc IC PCIE SW 24LANE 6PORT 324FCBGA Download View US$ 82.647 Inquiry
89HMPEB383ZAEMG8 IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc IC PCIE TO PCI BRIDGE 128QFP View US$ 8.528 Inquiry
FSA3341UMX Image FSA3341UMX Fairchild/ON Semiconductor IC SWITCH DP4T 16-UMLP Download View US$ 0.449 Inquiry
SN75DP122ARTQR Image SN75DP122ARTQR Texas Instruments IC DISPLAY/PORT 1:2 SWITCH 56QFN View US$ 2.245 Inquiry
DS33M31N+ Image DS33M31N+ Maxim Integrated IC MAPPER ETHERNET 256CSBGA Download View   Inquiry
SEC2410I-JZX-TR Image SEC2410I-JZX-TR Microchip Technology IC SMART CARD BRIDGE USB 64QFN Download View   Inquiry
89HPES5T5ZBBCGI Image 89HPES5T5ZBBCGI IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc IC PCIE SW 5LANE 5PORT 196CABGA Download View US$ 18.216 Inquiry
XRT94L33IB-L Exar Corporation IC MAPPER DS3/E3/STS-1 504TBGA Download View   Inquiry
DS33X11+ Image DS33X11+ Maxim Integrated IC MAPPING ETHERNET 144CSBGA Download View US$ 26.42 Inquiry
USB2244I-AEZG-06-TR Image USB2244I-AEZG-06-TR Microchip Technology IC USB FLASH MEDIA CTRLR 36QFN Download View US$ 1.978 Inquiry
89H12NT12G2ZBHL8 IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc IC PCI SW 12LANE 12PORT 324BGA Download View US$ 56.977 Inquiry
SCANPSC110FSCX Image SCANPSC110FSCX Fairchild/ON Semiconductor IC BRIDGE HIERARCH ADDRSS 28SOIC Download View   Inquiry
TPFLXIC008 Microchip Technology IC USB TO SYNC SPI SLAVE INTERFA View   Inquiry
PEB2256H-V12 Image PEB2256H-V12 Infineon Technologies IC FRAMER LINE 3.3V 80MQFP Download View   Inquiry
PCI2050GHK Image PCI2050GHK Texas Instruments IC PCI-PCI BRIDGE 32-BIT 209-BGA View US$ 14.336 Inquiry
89HPES48H12ZABLG IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc IC PCIE SW 48LANE 12PORT 1156BGA View US$ 241.362 Inquiry
DS90CR218AMTDX/NOPB Image DS90CR218AMTDX/NOPB Texas Instruments IC RCVR 21BIT CHAN LINK 48TSSOP View US$ 2.925 Inquiry
NCN4557MTG Image NCN4557MTG ON Semiconductor IC SMART CARD/SIM DUAL 16-QFN Download View   Inquiry
W83667HG-B Nuvoton Technology Corporation of America IC LPC SUPER I/O 128LQFP View US$ 3.653 Inquiry
SY10E445JC Image SY10E445JC Microchip Technology IC CONV 4-BIT SER/PAR 28-PLCC Download View   Inquiry
73S8014RN-ILR/F Maxim Integrated IC SMART CARD 7816 EMV 20-SOIC Download View US$ 0.612 Inquiry
89H32NT24AG2ZAHL8 IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc IC PCI SW 32LANE 24PORT 484BGA Download View   Inquiry
MC33797BPEWR2 Image MC33797BPEWR2 NXP USA Inc. IC SQUIB DRIVER 4-CH 32-SOIC Download View US$ 3.214 Inquiry
TMDS341APFC Image TMDS341APFC Texas Instruments IC 3-TO-1 DVI/HDMI SWITCH 80TQFP View US$ 3.445 Inquiry
TMDS461PZT Image TMDS461PZT Texas Instruments IC DVI/HDMI 4 TO 1 SW 100-TQFP View US$ 3.594 Inquiry
HCTL-2022 Image HCTL-2022 Broadcom Limited IC ENCODER TO MICRO 20DIP Download View US$ 5.805 Inquiry
QLX4600MIBQ15 Intersil IC EXTENDER QUAD View   Inquiry
NCT6771F TR Nuvoton Technology Corporation of America IC View   Inquiry
PCA9545APW,112 Image PCA9545APW,112 NXP USA Inc. IC I2C SWITCH 4CH 20TSSOP Download View US$ 0.914 Inquiry
DS90CR561MTD Image DS90CR561MTD Texas Instruments IC TX LVDS FPD 18BIT 48-TSSOP View   Inquiry
Z16C3516VSC Image Z16C3516VSC Zilog IC 16MHZ Z8500 CMOS ISCC 68-PLCC Download View   Inquiry
EQCO875SC.2 Image EQCO875SC.2 Microchip Technology IC TXRX SGL COAX LVDS 75OH 16QFN Download View   Inquiry
89HPES16T4G2ZBBXG8 IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc IC PCIE SW 16LANE 4PORT 484BGA Download View US$ 56.412 Inquiry
89H48T12G2ZCBLG8 IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc IC PCI SW 48LANE 12PORT 676BGA Download View US$ 99.911 Inquiry