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Transistors - Bipolar (BJT) - Single

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MMBTA13-7-F Image MMBTA13-7-F Diodes Incorporated TRANS NPN DARL 30V 0.3A SOT23-3 Download View US$ 0.023 Inquiry
2N5401 Image 2N5401 Central Semiconductor Corp TRANS PNP 150V 0.6A TO-92 Download View US$ 0.19 Inquiry
ZXTN25060BFHTA Image ZXTN25060BFHTA Diodes Incorporated TRANS NPN 60V 3.5A SOT23-3 Download View US$ 0.206 Inquiry
FMMT494TA Image FMMT494TA Diodes Incorporated TRANS NPN 120V 1A SOT23-3 Download View US$ 0.106 Inquiry
BC846AW,135 Image BC846AW,135 Nexperia USA Inc. TRANS NPN 65V 0.1A SOT323 Download View US$ 0.018 Inquiry
MPS3904,126 Image MPS3904,126 NXP USA Inc. TRANS NPN 40V 0.1A TO92 Download View   Inquiry
BC858BWE6327HTSA1 Image BC858BWE6327HTSA1 Infineon Technologies TRANS PNP 30V 0.1A SOT-323 Download View   Inquiry
PZT3904,115 Image PZT3904,115 NXP USA Inc. TRANS NPN 40V 0.2A SOT-223 Download View   Inquiry
BCW61E6384HTMA1 Infineon Technologies TRANSISTOR AF SOT23 View   Inquiry
KST43MTF Image KST43MTF Fairchild/ON Semiconductor TRANS NPN 200V 0.5A SOT23 Download View US$ 0.022 Inquiry
SBC807-40WT1G Image SBC807-40WT1G ON Semiconductor TRANS PNP 45V 0.5A SC-70 Download View US$ 0.064 Inquiry
TIP42-S Bourns Inc. TRANS PNP 40V 6A Download View   Inquiry
PMEM4010ND,115 Image PMEM4010ND,115 NXP USA Inc. TRANS NPN 40V 1A 6TSOP Download View   Inquiry
BC327 ON Semiconductor TRANS PNP 45V 0.8A TO92 Download View   Inquiry
MMBT4403K Image MMBT4403K Fairchild/ON Semiconductor TRANS PNP 40V 0.6A SOT-23 Download View   Inquiry
JANTXV2N5153L Image JANTXV2N5153L Microsemi Corporation TRANS PNP 80V 2A TO5 Download View US$ 19.9 Inquiry
KSA1015OBU Image KSA1015OBU Fairchild/ON Semiconductor TRANS PNP 50V 0.15A TO-92 Download View   Inquiry
SST3904T116 Image SST3904T116 Rohm Semiconductor TRANS NPN 40V 0.2A SST3 Download View US$ 0.035 Inquiry
JAN2N3498 Microsemi Corporation TRANS NPN 100V 0.5A TO-39 Download View US$ 17.765 Inquiry
KSC5047TU Image KSC5047TU Fairchild/ON Semiconductor TRANS NPN 50V 15A TO-3P Download View   Inquiry
KSA1220AYSTSTU Image KSA1220AYSTSTU Fairchild/ON Semiconductor TRANS PNP 160V 1.2A TO-126 Download View   Inquiry
BD440 Image BD440 ON Semiconductor TRANS PNP 60V 4A TO-225AA Download View   Inquiry
FMMT3904TA Image FMMT3904TA Diodes Incorporated TRANS NPN 40V 0.2A SOT23-3 Download View   Inquiry
PN2222ARLRP Image PN2222ARLRP ON Semiconductor TRANS NPN 40V 0.6A TO-92 Download View   Inquiry
BC368ZL1 Image BC368ZL1 ON Semiconductor TRANS NPN 20V 1A TO-92 Download View   Inquiry
2N2907AUB Microsemi Corporation TRANS PNP 60V 0.6A Download View US$ 5.457 Inquiry
MPSW01ARLRP Image MPSW01ARLRP ON Semiconductor TRANS NPN 40V 1A TO-92 Download View   Inquiry
2SA1488A Image 2SA1488A Sanken TRANS PNP 80V 4A TO220F Download View US$ 0.67 Inquiry
TIP42C Image TIP42C ON Semiconductor TRANS PNP 100V 6A TO220AB Download View   Inquiry
2SC2229-Y(T6ONK1FM Image 2SC2229-Y(T6ONK1FM Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage TRANS NPN 50MA 150V TO226-3 Download View   Inquiry
2SD1820GRL Image 2SD1820GRL Panasonic Electronic Components TRANS NPN 50V 0.5A SMINI-3 Download View   Inquiry
2SC2655-Y,WNLF(J Image 2SC2655-Y,WNLF(J Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage TRANS NPN 2A 50V TO226-3 Download View   Inquiry
2N6284G Image 2N6284G ON Semiconductor TRANS NPN DARL 100V 20A TO3 Download View US$ 2.48 Inquiry
DXTP560BP5-13 Image DXTP560BP5-13 Diodes Incorporated TRANS PNP 500V 0.15A POWERDI5 Download View US$ 0.275 Inquiry
MPSA06_D75Z Image MPSA06_D75Z Fairchild/ON Semiconductor TRANS NPN 80V 0.5A TO-92 Download View   Inquiry
MMBT3906T-TP Image MMBT3906T-TP Micro Commercial Co TRANS PNP 40V 0.2A SOT-523 Download View US$ 0.055 Inquiry
SMBT2222AE6327HTSA1 Image SMBT2222AE6327HTSA1 Infineon Technologies TRANS NPN 40V 0.6A SOT-23 Download View US$ 0.02 Inquiry
BC856BW-G Image BC856BW-G Comchip Technology TRANS PNP 65V 100A SOT323 Download View US$ 0.054 Inquiry
BC182L_D75Z Image BC182L_D75Z Fairchild/ON Semiconductor TRANS NPN 50V 0.1A TO-92 Download View   Inquiry
SJD112T4G ON Semiconductor TRANS NPN DARL 100V 2A DPAK View US$ 0.303 Inquiry
JANTX2N3868 Image JANTX2N3868 Microsemi Corporation TRANS PNP 60V 0.003A TO-5 Download View US$ 32.494 Inquiry
DPLS160V-7 Image DPLS160V-7 Diodes Incorporated TRANS PNP 60V 1A SOT-563 Download View US$ 0.084 Inquiry
KSA709COBU Image KSA709COBU Fairchild/ON Semiconductor TRANS PNP 150V 0.7A TO-92 Download View   Inquiry
KSB744AYSTU Image KSB744AYSTU Fairchild/ON Semiconductor TRANS PNP 60V 3A TO-126 Download View   Inquiry
2N2219 Image 2N2219 Central Semiconductor Corp TRANS NPN 30V 0.8A TO-39 Download View US$ 0.983 Inquiry
JANTXV2N3499L Microsemi Corporation TRANS NPN 100V 0.5A TO5 Download View US$ 19.831 Inquiry
BCP68T1 Image BCP68T1 ON Semiconductor TRANS NPN 20V 1A SOT223 Download View   Inquiry
FPN560A_D26Z Image FPN560A_D26Z Fairchild/ON Semiconductor TRANS NPN 60V 3A TO-226 Download View   Inquiry
BD246A-S Image BD246A-S Bourns Inc. TRANS PNP 60V 10A Download View   Inquiry
ZX5T955GTC Image ZX5T955GTC Diodes Incorporated TRANS PNP 140V 4A SOT-223 Download View   Inquiry