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ROVER-RD-MMCX Laird Technologies IAS LAPTOP MOUNT 5DBI 18" MMCX View US$ 13.79 Inquiry
EXC400SF Laird Technologies IAS ANT TWO-WAY 400-420MHZ 1/4W SF Download View US$ 14.42 Inquiry
QWB162 Laird Technologies IAS ANT WHIP 1/4W 162-174MHZ 17" BK Download View US$ 10.24 Inquiry
ACH2-AT-DP007-G Quatech-Division of B&B Electronics ANTENNA 8.5DBI FIBRGLSS OMNI "N" View   Inquiry
EXC806HT Laird Technologies IAS ANT TWO-WAY 806-866MHZ HT CONN Download View US$ 11.58 Inquiry
PAV692780-30NF Laird Technologies IAS ANTENNA PANEL LTE MULTI BAND Download View US$ 97.5 Inquiry
MM24-5DI-RSMA Laird Technologies IAS ANT DIV DUAL 5DBI 5' RSMA CONN View US$ 54.43 Inquiry
2450AT42A100E Image 2450AT42A100E Johanson Technology Inc. ANTENNA CHIP 2.4GHZ Download View US$ 0.254 Inquiry
SRF2I019-100 Image SRF2I019-100 Antenova MONTANA FLEXIBLE ISM ANT Download View US$ 3.205 Inquiry
ANT-916-CW-RCL Image ANT-916-CW-RCL Linx Technologies Inc. ANTENNA 916MHZ RA 1/4 WAVE WHIP Download View US$ 6.06 Inquiry
CAF94126 (IF9018-SF00) Laird Technologies IAS ANTENNA DUAL-BAND 3DBI SMA FML Download View US$ 60.67 Inquiry
TREK-ANT-502-GH5E Advantech Corp TREK ANTENNA ULTIMA 2IN1 5M MA1 Download View US$ 78.47 Inquiry
YS7453 Laird Technologies IAS ANT YAGI 3ELEM 745-806MHZ SILVER View US$ 60.688 Inquiry
B4703R Laird Technologies IAS MOBILE COIL 470-490MHZ CHROME Download View US$ 41.09 Inquiry
AB7603 Laird Technologies IAS WHIP AB OC 760-870MHZ 815 3.5 BK View US$ 25.1 Inquiry
EXL76TNX Laird Technologies IAS ANT TWO-WAY PORT 76-88MHZ TNX Download View US$ 21.571 Inquiry
MAF95037 Laird Technologies IAS ANT EMB NANO 802.11BA IPEX Download View US$ 2.645 Inquiry
EXC902SM Laird Technologies IAS ANT TWO-WAY 902-960MHZ 1/4W SM Download View US$ 14.42 Inquiry
MAF94352 Laird Technologies IAS ANT DIPO CUST 1.4GHZ RPSMA MALE View US$ 4.976 Inquiry
W24-RMSA-M Inventek Systems ANTENNA WIFI 2.4GHZ SMA MALE RA View US$ 3.314 Inquiry
PLC1509 Laird Technologies IAS ANT YAGI VHF 150-158MHZ 144" Download View US$ 273.626 Inquiry
OC58509 Image OC58509 Laird Technologies IAS VERTICALLY POLARIZED BROADBAND O Download View US$ 54.612 Inquiry
1461840100 Image 1461840100 Molex, LLC ANT PCB TRACE 3-6GHZ ADHESIVE Download View US$ 1.333 Inquiry
EXC1060TN Laird Technologies IAS ANT DUCK 1030-1090MHZ View US$ 14.32 Inquiry
A09-HTM-675 Image A09-HTM-675 Digi International ANT HALF 900MHZ 6"2.1DBI RPTNC Download View   Inquiry
A08-HABUF-P5I Image A08-HABUF-P5I Digi International ANT 2.1DBI HALF-WAVE 868MHZ Download View US$ 17 Inquiry
GD24BP-14P-NF Laird Technologies IAS ANT GRID 14DBI 2.4GHZ 30" N FEM Download View US$ 47.73 Inquiry
TQX-900E Image TQX-900E Digital Six Labs ARTICULATED 1/2 WAVE HIGH GAIN M View US$ 6.094 Inquiry
C47 Laird Technologies IAS ANT LOWBAND DC 1/4 47-50MHZ Download View US$ 49.149 Inquiry
EXE806SFU Laird Technologies IAS ANT TWO-WAY 806-866MHZ 1/4W SFU Download View US$ 19.943 Inquiry
ANT-IAB-4.9-1 Image ANT-IAB-4.9-1 Synapse Wireless INDOOR ARTICULATING ANTENNA 4.9 Download View US$ 7.98 Inquiry
EXC400TN Laird Technologies IAS ANT TWO-WAY 400-420MHZ TN CONN Download View US$ 14.32 Inquiry
J51014V00-120N Laird Technologies IAS ANT SECTOR 15DB VPOL NFEM Download View US$ 153.89 Inquiry
FG9023 Image FG9023 Laird Technologies IAS ANTENNA 5DB 902-928MHZ Download View US$ 68.85 Inquiry
2000AT18A0075E Johanson Technology Inc. ANTENNA CHIP COMPACT 2GHZ Download View US$ 0.195 Inquiry
440 Image 440 Proant AB IC ANTENNA ONBOARD 2400 SMD Download View US$ 0.183 Inquiry
ADB150RO Laird Technologies IAS ANT DISGUISE CELL 150-174MHZ BK Download View US$ 11.04 Inquiry
FG1353 Laird Technologies IAS OMNI FG 135-137 3DB View US$ 2.88 Inquiry
CW1533S Laird Technologies IAS ANT WHIP WB VHF 5/8 153-169MHZ Download View US$ 74.896 Inquiry
DC-ANT-24DP-10 Digi International ANTENNA 2.4GHZ DIPOLE 2DBI 10PC Download View   Inquiry
S2400BP12NF Laird Technologies IAS ANT OMNIDIRECT 5.15DBI 12"SMA M View US$ 40.528 Inquiry
ETRAB1550 Laird Technologies IAS ANT PHANTOM ELITE UHF 3DB NMO BK Download View US$ 76.431 Inquiry
B4705CNSRO Laird Technologies IAS ACCY ROD REPLACEMENT Download View US$ 19.4 Inquiry
TRABT1420P Laird Technologies IAS ANT PHANTOM VHF 142-160 2.3" BK View US$ 79.65 Inquiry
MK24-5-MMCX Laird Technologies IAS KIT MESH 5DBI 2.4GHZ DCE MMCX Download View US$ 120.81 Inquiry
CAF94521(IG2450-RB12) Laird Technologies IAS ANT OMNIDIR 6DBI 12"RG-142 RPBNC View US$ 59.97 Inquiry
TRA24/49003P Laird Technologies IAS OMNI PH PMT 3 60W WHT Download View US$ 49.12 Inquiry
EXB161SF Laird Technologies IAS ANT TUF DUCK VHF 161-171MHZ SF Download View US$ 11.58 Inquiry
ANT-GA110101111 Red Lion Controls ANTENNA 2G/3G/4G LTE 13" WHIP MA Download View US$ 60.99 Inquiry
DCE-ANT5819-MMCX Laird Technologies IAS ANT&ENCLOSURE 19DBI 8" MMCX Download View US$ 74.81 Inquiry