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RFI and EMI - Shielding and Absorbing Materials

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Picture Mfg. Part Number Manufacturers Brief Description Datasheet In Stock Item Price Order Online
FFAM0251*1T1 Image FFAM0251*1T1 API Delevan Inc. SHEET FERRITE 100X100MM View US$ 7.959 Inquiry
1183 X 6 1183 X 6" 3M TAPE COPPER FOIL 152.4MMX16.5M Download View US$ 272.412 Inquiry
CF720KA01000127 Image CF720KA01000127 Laird Technologies EMI GK NICU CF KC V0 Download View US$ 0.632 Inquiry
33050 Image 33050 Wurth Electronics Inc. WE-TS SHIELDING TEXTILES Download View US$ 117.26 Inquiry
3M CN4490 1/2 3M CN4490 1/2" X 3"-100 3M (TC) SHEET FABRIC 12.7X76.2MM 100/PK Download View   Inquiry
24006098 Laird Technologies EMI ECCOSORB ELASTOMER 12X12X0.060 Download View US$ 226.945 Inquiry
3M CN4490 3/4 3M CN4490 3/4" X 3"-100 3M (TC) SHEET FABRIC 19.1X76.2MM 100/PK Download View   Inquiry
5-1120-3/4 Image 5-1120-3/4 3M (TC) TAPE ALUM FOIL 19.05MM CIR 5/PK Download View US$ 5.398 Inquiry
1194-1/4 1194-1/4"X36YD 3M TAPE 1/4X36 YDS BULK 3" PAPER Download View US$ 14.953 Inquiry
46X7501320.NN00 Image 46X7501320.NN00 Laird Technologies EMI CONDUCTIVE TAPE 86-750 13MM WIDE Download View US$ 45.264 Inquiry
47019 Desco TAPE SHIELDING.GRID 118 FT 2" Download View US$ 13.03 Inquiry
33016000 Image 33016000 Laird Technologies EMI ECCOSTOCK PT. SQUEEZE BOTTLE Download View US$ 109.553 Inquiry
FAM3-100-100-0.75-1A Image FAM3-100-100-0.75-1A t-Global Technology SHEET FAM3 100X100MM Download View US$ 6.819 Inquiry
3M CN3190 1/2 3M CN3190 1/2" X 4"-100 3M (TC) SHEET POLY 12.7X101.6MM 100/PK Download View US$ 42.785 Inquiry
21157099 Laird Technologies EMI ECCOSORB ELASTOMER 12X12X0.040 Download View US$ 168.107 Inquiry
2296 Laird Technologies EMI RFSW,SH Download View   Inquiry
1120 X 1 1120 X 1" 3M TAPE ALUM FOIL 25.4MMX32.9M Download View US$ 23.628 Inquiry
3M AB5020HF 2.95 3M AB5020HF 2.95" X 10.5"-5 3M (TC) EMI ABSORBER 2.95"X10.5" 5/ROLL Download View US$ 101.42 Inquiry
3M 1181 3/4 3M 1181 3/4" X 2"-100 3M (TC) SHEET COP FL 19.1X50.8MM 100/PK Download View US$ 28.893 Inquiry
1182-3/4 1182-3/4"X18YD 3M 3/4X18 YDS BULK 3" PAPER CORE Download View US$ 47.955 Inquiry
6-6-1267 Image 6-6-1267 3M (TC) TAPE ALUM FOIL 152.4MMX5.5M Download View US$ 131.95 Inquiry
3M 1345 2 3M 1345 2"SQ-100 3M (TC) SHEET COPPER FL 50.8MM SQ 100/PK Download View US$ 55.978 Inquiry
3M 1345 3/4 3M 1345 3/4" X 2"-100 3M (TC) SHEET COP FL 19.1X50.8MM 100/PK Download View US$ 29.003 Inquiry
FFAM0254*4 API Delevan Inc. ADHESIVE FERRITE ABSORBENT MATER View US$ 196.172 Inquiry
3/4-6-1120 Image 3/4-6-1120 3M (TC) TAPE ALUM FOIL 19.05MMX5.5M Download View US$ 6.929 Inquiry
5-1120-2S Image 5-1120-2S 3M (TC) SHEET ALUM FOIL 50.8MM SQ 5/PK Download View US$ 6.014 Inquiry
1194 7.7 1194 7.7"X10" 3M TAPE COPPER FOIL 195X254MM Download View US$ 7.435 Inquiry
IRJ09 310X220X0.5 Image IRJ09 310X220X0.5 TDK Corporation SHEET FERRITE 220X310MM Download View   Inquiry
3013320A Image 3013320A Wurth Electronics Inc. WE-CF EMI SHIELDING SHEET/EMI SH Download View US$ 39.2 Inquiry
1146 Laird Technologies EMI RFSB,S,11.0,PSA View   Inquiry
46W5E01520.NN00 Image 46W5E01520.NN00 Laird Technologies EMI FABRIC TAPE COPPER Download View US$ 24.678 Inquiry
3M AB5100HF 1.03 3M AB5100HF 1.03" X 4"-10 3M (TC) EMI ABSORBER 1.03"X4" 10/ROLL Download View US$ 59.62 Inquiry
5172 Laird Technologies EMI RFLS,48,0.250,PSA View   Inquiry
5-AB5010-3/4 Image 5-AB5010-3/4 3M (TC) TAPE POLYMER RESIN 19.1MM 5/PK View US$ 8.579 Inquiry
1181-3/4"X18YD 3M TAPE 3/4X18 YDS BULK MINI-CASE Download View US$ 39.968 Inquiry
390107/1000 Image 390107/1000 Wurth Electronics Inc. WE-LS CONDUCTIVE FOAM Download View US$ 200.1 Inquiry
FFAM0252*2 API Delevan Inc. ADHESIVE FERRITE ABSORBENT MATER View US$ 54.492 Inquiry
34401 Image 34401 Wurth Electronics Inc. WE-FAS EMI FLEXIBLE ABSORBER SHE Download View US$ 36.4 Inquiry
3M AB5050 1/2 3M AB5050 1/2" X 4"-100 3M (TC) SHEET PLYMR 12.7X101.6MM 100/PK Download View US$ 149.013 Inquiry
27045183 Image 27045183 Laird Technologies EMI ECCOSTOCK 1/8X12X12 Download View US$ 562.2 Inquiry
IRL04EAB 300X200X0.25 Image IRL04EAB 300X200X0.25 TDK Corporation SHEET FERRITE 200X300MM Download View   Inquiry
IRB02A 300X300X1 Image IRB02A 300X300X1 TDK Corporation SHEET FERRITE 300X300MM Download View   Inquiry
11.5X12-6-1345 Image 11.5X12-6-1345 3M (TC) TAPE COPPER FOIL 304MM 6/PK Download View US$ 88.488 Inquiry
3M 1267 0.75 3M 1267 0.75"SQ-250 3M (TC) SHEET ALUM FL 19.05MM SQ 250/PK Download View US$ 26.331 Inquiry
5-AB5030-1/2S Image 5-AB5030-1/2S 3M (TC) SHEET PLYMR RESIN 12.7MM SQ 5/PK Download View US$ 6.943 Inquiry
5-CN4490-1.5S Image 5-CN4490-1.5S 3M (TC) SHEET FABRIC 38.1MM SQUARE 5/PK Download View   Inquiry
EFR(10)-240X240T1500 Image EFR(10)-240X240T1500 KEMET FLEX SUPP. SHEET 240X240X1.0 Download View US$ 185.801 Inquiry
3M AB5100HF 4.13 3M AB5100HF 4.13" X 10M 3M (TC) EMI ABSORBER TAPE 4.13"X10M ROLL Download View US$ 1038.1 Inquiry
5-1181-2S Image 5-1181-2S 3M (TC) SHEET COPPER FOIL 50.8MM SQ 5/PK Download View US$ 7.395 Inquiry