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RF Evaluation and Development Kits, Boards

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Picture Mfg. Part Number Manufacturers Brief Description Datasheet In Stock Item Price Order Online
101675-HMC221A Image 101675-HMC221A Analog Devices Inc. BOARD EVAL SWITCH SPDT HMC221A Download View   Inquiry
MTCDP-H4-GP-P2-DK-1.0 Multi-Tech Systems Inc. OPEN COMMUNICATION GATEWAY Download View   Inquiry
EVAL01-HMC1041LC4 Image EVAL01-HMC1041LC4 Analog Devices Inc. BOARD EVAL HMC1041LC4 Download View   Inquiry
ATZB-X-212B-XPRO Image ATZB-X-212B-XPRO Microchip Technology EVAL BOARD XMEGAA3U ZIGBIT Download View US$ 50.89 Inquiry
EM260-BBRD-128K-USART-R Image EM260-BBRD-128K-USART-R Silicon Labs EM260 BREAKOUT BOARD View   Inquiry
DG-APP-HHH Image DG-APP-HHH Digi International KIT REMOTE MONITRING APPLICATION Download View US$ 517.5 Inquiry
CC-9P-9215-LX Digi International KIT JUMPSTART 9P 9215 FOR LINUX Download View US$ 518.75 Inquiry
XKB2-AT-WWG Image XKB2-AT-WWG Digi International KIT ARDUINO CODING PLATFORM Download View US$ 99 Inquiry
MAX2410EVKIT Maxim Integrated EVAL KIT MAX2410 Download View US$ 167.57 Inquiry
110060489 Image 110060489 Seeed Technology Co., Ltd KIWISDR BOARD Download View US$ 199 Inquiry
DV164140-2 Image DV164140-2 Microchip Technology LORA EVAL KIT RN2903 915MHZ Download View US$ 514.99 Inquiry
SPB200-AL-1 H&D Wireless AB WIFI EVK BOARD 802.11 B/G/N Download View US$ 28.98 Inquiry
MAX9947EVKIT+ Maxim Integrated EVAL KIT MAX9947 Download View US$ 57.38 Inquiry
101830-HMC214MS8 Image 101830-HMC214MS8 Analog Devices Inc. BOARD EVAL HMC214MS8E Download View   Inquiry
MAX3540EVKIT+ Maxim Integrated KIT FOR MAX3540 DVB TUNER Download View   Inquiry
CC2541DK-MINI Image CC2541DK-MINI Texas Instruments KIT DEV MINI FOR CC2541 View US$ 99.78 Inquiry
108333-HMC241LP3 Image 108333-HMC241LP3 Analog Devices Inc. BOARD EVAL SWITCH SP4T HMC241 Download View   Inquiry
WLNB-EK-DP001-G Quatech-Division of B&B Electronics KIT EVAL/DEV 802.11B LAN NODE View   Inquiry
101675-HMC544 Image 101675-HMC544 Analog Devices Inc. BOARD EVAL SWITCH SPDT HMC544 Download View   Inquiry
BSC9132QDS NXP USA Inc. DEV SYSTEM BSC9132 Download View US$ 2900 Inquiry
MICRF218-315 WB EV Microchip Technology EVAL BOARD FOR MICRF218AYQS Download View   Inquiry
CG2214M6-EVAL Image CG2214M6-EVAL CEL EVAL BOARD FOR CG2214M6 Download View US$ 110.4 Inquiry
EVAL-ADF7023DB4Z Image EVAL-ADF7023DB4Z Analog Devices Inc. BOARD EVALUATION FOR ADF7023 Download View US$ 93.75 Inquiry
OM7861/CURRENTAMP,598 Image OM7861/CURRENTAMP,598 NXP USA Inc. BOARD OM7861 BGA3018, BGA3015 Download View US$ 162.5 Inquiry
MC13917-434EVK NXP USA Inc. IC MC13917 EVB 434MHZ Download View   Inquiry
EZR-LEDK2W-915 Image EZR-LEDK2W-915 Silicon Labs KIT DEMO EZRADIO TWO-WAY 915MHZ Download View US$ 43.36 Inquiry
STEVAL-IDB006V1M Image STEVAL-IDB006V1M STMicroelectronics EVAL BOARD USB DONGLE SPBTLE-RF Download View US$ 37.5 Inquiry
WP DEV KIT_6000656 Sierra Wireless INCL. MANGOH GREEN, CELLULAR & G View US$ 250 Inquiry
3341-05 Peregrine Semiconductor EVAL KIT FOR PE3341 Download View   Inquiry
EV1HMC424AG16 Image EV1HMC424AG16 Analog Devices Inc. EVALUATION BOARD HMC424A Download View US$ 322.92 Inquiry
CGHV27060MP-TB Cree/Wolfspeed TEST FIXTURE FOR CGHV27060MP Download View   Inquiry
MRF1K50H-TF1 Image MRF1K50H-TF1 NXP USA Inc. MRF1K50H 87.5-108 MHZ EVAL BOARD Download View US$ 1200 Inquiry
F143-MINI-A-MOD-GEVB Image F143-MINI-A-MOD-GEVB ON Semiconductor AX8052F143 MINI DVK MOD Download View US$ 31.25 Inquiry
AMW006-EW2 Image AMW006-EW2 Zentri MARLIN BRD FOR AMW006 Download View US$ 81.6 Inquiry
2267 Image 2267 Adafruit Industries LLC BLUETOOTH LE BLE4.0 NRF51822 Download View US$ 24.95 Inquiry
AD8285CP-EBZ Image AD8285CP-EBZ Analog Devices Inc. EVAL BOARD RADAR RX PATH AFE Download View US$ 900 Inquiry
108779-HMC264LC3B Image 108779-HMC264LC3B Analog Devices Inc. EVAL BOARD HMC264LC3B Download View US$ 270.35 Inquiry
4270-00 Peregrine Semiconductor KIT EVAL FOR 4270 RF SWITCH Download View US$ 95 Inquiry
ADRF6780-EVALZ Image ADRF6780-EVALZ Analog Devices Inc. EVAL BOARD FOR ADRF6780 Download View US$ 435.375 Inquiry
AD8314ACP-EVAL Image AD8314ACP-EVAL Analog Devices Inc. BOARD EVAL FOR AD8314CSP Download View US$ 112.71 Inquiry
WSN802GDK-A Image WSN802GDK-A Murata Electronics North America DEV KIT FOR WSN802G W/ROUTER Download View   Inquiry
NRF9E5-EVKIT-433 Image NRF9E5-EVKIT-433 Nordic Semiconductor ASA KIT EVALUATION NRF9E5 433MHZ Download View US$ 425.6 Inquiry
476 Image 476 Proant AB EVAL BOARD ONBOARD SMD 915 Download View US$ 24.59 Inquiry
MAX19995EVKIT# Maxim Integrated EVALUATION KIT FOR MAX19995 Download View   Inquiry
EVAL_PAN4555ETU Image EVAL_PAN4555ETU Panasonic Electronic Components RF PROTO MODULE PAN4555 SNAP Download View US$ 48.127 Inquiry
EK42641-02 Peregrine Semiconductor KIT EVAL FOR 42641 RF SWITCH Download View   Inquiry
EV1HMC8108LC5 Image EV1HMC8108LC5 Analog Devices Inc. EVAL BOARD FOR HMC8108LC5 Download View US$ 257.34 Inquiry
1012-TAB1D868 Image 1012-TAB1D868 Silicon Labs BOARD EVALUATION FOR SI1012 Download View   Inquiry
EK1HMC8200LP5M Image EK1HMC8200LP5M Analog Devices Inc. EVAL KIT FOR HMC8200LP5M Download View US$ 486 Inquiry